Going to tell the story in Napak

The journey to the north started from south-west; heading to cover for the county – a mass vaccination exercise. We, a communication team of three, were tasked to document it in written, photography and audio-visual forms. These three forms had to tell one story – how the exercise improved their livelihood.

As a journalist, I know three different people/teams assigned to cover the one story will mean three different angles to the same story. To limit this, we did the following

  1. Identity the primary question to answer. How will this mass vaccination exercise improve your livelihood as a pastoralist?
  2. In the field, work independently. Be involved in each other’s work, however hold the feedback until the final draft is shared back in the office.
  3. Share for feedback to improve the drafts before submission

(Painting by Bernardo Strozzi – Vanitas or The old Coquette – 1637)



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