My cruel mistress, Canon – five tips to taking okay photos

Putting down the pen or recorder to picking up a camera sometimes feels like the act of jumping from the earth to the sun. For some time now, I have been handling a professional Canon 6D camera. The days of point-and-shoot cameras are long behind me but this camera! I discover something new every other day.

I read on photography – even took a photography class in university, but it is such a practical skill; on being the field can you learn. You can understand what aperture or shutter speed is. All the theory sometimes does not prepare you for a room where no matter how many places you stand, you can only take a photo from one angle. It is a dark room with tinted windows and to get natural light is to open the door. However, I managed to get some good photos – selecting one in every ten taken.

Then a week later, when I think I have figured out the room I find a heap of chairs at the back covered with a purple cloth “soaking up” all the available light thus you perfect spot is gone.

As much it can be a plier to a tooth affair, I love the challenge. Moving around the room, looking for a new spot – shooting and checking on the screen to see whether I got a good shot. Then I discovered C1 and C2 – yet to read up on what they are.

Sometimes I get favourable conditions sometimes I get a dark room that makes me what to hire a photographer. My visual artistic eye is one that I have had to develop, thus my five tips to taking okay photos;

  1. Carry out research – google images to get an idea of on how to frame your shots
  2. Play with settings – adjust with ISO, aperture and shutter speed, you will eventually get your good shot
  3. From the above, check then check again – with each setting adjust, check the photo on the screen
  4. Practise the shoot – use a model before getting down to the actual taking of the photo especially when it comes to group photos
  5. Killing “shyness” – you will feel many eyeballs on you as you move around taking pictures but soon you will forget the eyes

(Painting by Johannes Vermeer – Woman Holding a Balance 1662-63)

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