Three ways new jobs affect your reading choices 

Whenever you change jobs expect your reading choices to change along with it.  Reading has not always been my second nature, but when your mother buys Ladybird books (from Penguin Publishers) then forces you to read aloud every evening and unmoved by a young sulking face (and sometimes teary eyes); then before long, it becomes... Continue Reading →

Learning to love change through a new camera

When it comes to a camera, does size matter? For the last five months, I have been using Nikon 5300 instead of the Canon 6D (My cruel mistress canon – Five tips to taking okay photos). Why switch to a Nikon? Well according to many photographers and online reviews – Nikon is the best for... Continue Reading →

Living and working in a dissimilar culture

Every new place your go or visit, that is not home then you will encounter a different culture. It can be a small change like going to your aunt’s house where you discover; discussing the book one is reading is an important dinner conversation. Next time, you visit then you had better be reading something.... Continue Reading →

5 tips on working the pen and camera together

Juggling note taking and taking photos can be overwhelming. However, the demand to be a well- round communication specialist (a good writer and photographer) is now the industry trend. In most organizations and government, communication officers (most of them former journalists) find themselves doing both these tasks when they were so used to begin with... Continue Reading →

My cruel mistress, Canon – five tips to taking okay photos

Putting down the pen or recorder to picking up a camera sometimes feels like the act of jumping from the earth to the sun. For some time now, I have been handling a professional Canon 6D camera. The days of point-and-shoot cameras are long behind me but this camera! I discover something new every other... Continue Reading →

5 attitudes to carry in your next field assignment

One of the great perks of being a development journalist is the travel; the new people and cultures you encounter, breath-taking landscapes, gorgeous hotel rooms that make you wish you are on vacation and off-road drives that remind you to appreciate any pothole-ridden tarmac road. This is not about the negative side of travelling for... Continue Reading →

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